Currently, in Master Mind Art & Design studios/workshop, there is an ongoing assemblage of the parts and particles of a MOBILE (and Functional) Art project which will hit the "road" as soon as it reaches a crescendo of Balance and (stability) in FORM and FUNCTION. 

MORE  uploads of what has been done toward this Creative goal over the last few months, and photographed along the way are pending organization and upload, ...and that means when i get Inspired to sit for a couple of days editing... 

I will happen. :)

Eventually, i will HAVE to learn more organized tech skills, so that my SHARING community can participate in the Fun along the Way with via video posts and blog posts, along the road.  
When you hit the road with the Internet- you really HAVE to plan ahead.  Currently, my "planning" are centered on the Art, and re-maining in the Now as i Do. 
I'll get there, eventually. 
I haven't foergotten about the publications, and uploads for the Numbers In Time Translations, and materials, etc.  
But, things Flow the Way the Will, and, in Perfection. 

It will be easier to focus on that publishing, and organizing the free workshops when the Caravan is done... ( April-June)... 
then, the activities and things in my daily Participations will shift back to those projects in the works. 

All my web-portals are interconnected, if you are interested in following and participating in the Flow with me, then, there are always links in the sidebars to my other sites, and interconnecting Creative focus. 

Tho this functional and mobile sculpture is still in the early construction stages, there are so many FUN things to DO in the building steps it's almost hard to know- or, choose, which to do first.  
Just Know, i will almost always choose to DO the FUN stuff, first.. :)  But, It's ALL Good and unfolding in such delightful Ways. 

The progress continues.  i just wanted to let my Friends and readers know that this Creative process IS being documented, and, will CONTINUE to record the Journey when out and about in New Communities and visiting sites along the road. 

THANK YOU for Your Focus and Participation in the EXpansion with Me, as Ever... 
Do check back, like, share, etc.... 

I AM. 

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