Saturday, May 4, 2019

TIME VIBE: MAY 2019 (8) Collective Frequency Wave (part-1)

EVERYONE is going through advancements and changes, whether it's wanted, or, not.  This Time is what We asked for as Participants in a sensorial experience.  Duality must be considered the Nature of the Time Games and dealt with from the Creative position first....
As Vibrational choosers and sorters, If we didn't LIKE the IDEA of FEELING satisfied, as well as dis-satisfied as an indicator of Heart Directive and Preference, then manifestational attention would not be so pointedly in the physical reality.
It's TIME to begin to allow Self to InJoy this ride.
In the Time Games played in the Mirror of your Vibrational frequency focus, YOUR PRIVATE frequency IS allowed to make things very messy and intolerable so that you SEEK THAT WHICH YOU PREFER, NOW.
If you have pain, at some point SOON, there will be a realization that there ARE other choices.

May is a Collective (8) Frequency wave and comprised of 2019/3 + May/5, which combines for some fine opportunities to make some SELECTIVE material adjustments in our Time Game.
As well as some resolutions to in-authentic IDENTITY issues that we were oblivious to.
Now, SOME of these decisions may have to push in a direction of activity that you may have been wanting to AVOID.  So the (5) Gifts of fast, unexpected, and very surprising events and opportunities that promote the Privately REQUESTED changes and growth will actually help out, even though there may be moments of overwhelm and confusion.

I'll be dropping MORE on this MONTHLY wave, as well and the annual Phase cycles, asap, and offering up some data from the ACTIVE frequencies that are intended to assist to keep the head from bursting as it tries to hold things back from the IDENTITY changes that are inevitable Now.

No, You are SO not alone in this topsey-turvey Time reality...

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