Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BEYOND the Time Vibe: APRIL 2018 - (6) A Collective Seeking Balance

April, 2018: A Powerful Window of Opportunities to "Cure" IDEAS of Self-Denial and constriction to Allow Balance, Naturally.....

4/2018 = 4/ (11:2) = (15:6)

The Collective HARMONICS amplify the Objective Mastery of
2018 Annual (11:2) = I AM (That) I AM:
MASS PARTICIPATION in a CHANGE of PRIVATE Participations in a Unified Co-Creative VISION becomes much more "DO"-able;

The April Collective cycle of (6) Frequency rotates in opportunities to secure a more Balanced Way to DO  anyThing, and WITH anyOne else.

(6) KEYWORDS: Love, Balance, SELF-Response-ability; Restoration, Healing, sharing/educating, negotiating, Translating, mediating; domestic, tribe, Community, Universal Visions; Visual expressions of Internal "story-lines"

With considerations of the sudden DECISIONS made in March to head toward entirely different reality experiences via , SUDDEN changes to the status of particular issues in Private EXchanges.
What seems to be occurring is a sloughing off of a layer of Be-lief, that ultimately is turning into re-lief.
The ADDICTIONS of each Time Participant has come up into reality experience in Conscious Thought and Inner chatter.  The questioning of the same-old HABITS in Time, Now that there is a more BROAD View of IDENTITY and the Presence that chooses to ACT OUT and engage with certain patterns and habitual "patter" of interchange.

The recent ILLUMINATIONS, which continues to sweep across the View of each projecting Participant, is not only Unique, it is also the SAME - and in some way IDENTICAL to All that I AM Is.
I AM You.
Yes.  That's right.
That ISN'T too "deep" to take seriously, anymore, considering how MANY reflections in the Collective are whipping their own Private reality into more preferential SHAPE, along With HEART.

So, now that March has brought stimulations and exaggerations of SELF-IDENTIFYING IDEAS that are simply NOT the Truth- ANYMORE.
April's (6) assists to INTEGRATE New Time Experience Skills Into Private Mastery Practice.
EVEN NUMBERS indicate an opportunity to reach INTO the Collective Exchange Games with much more Private Authority and Manifestation FOCUS prowess.
Try to remember that the Mirror serves as a reflection of Self.  Time to figure out what, exactly, you THINK you See.

Yes, there WERE big trips ups in bad judgement calls, ditching Self responsibilities, anger and violence, persecution, or other out-right manipulations and other such Self-defaming participations.
You Effed Up.... so what?
That was THEN.
NOW, is yOur Way back Up to BALANCE.

This Collective (6) wave is the Window to BE-gin to massage the Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion into yOur every-Day "tool-belt" for Harmonious, Balanced, Respectful Co-Creative Inter-changes AS A NORM  in All yOur PRIVATE processes.
(For more specific details of  your Private  opportunities to Participate in restorative Frequency Harmonics click HERE
OR, HERE for a private Translation session: requests, and Paypal Value Gift address to: . )

There will be wafts of Resolutions in the Air through 2018, and the emphasis of Collective Focus on this step of this process will begin to Flow with EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, AND PHYSICAL re-Alignments that perpetuate the necessary dis-engagemtns, closures, dissolutions, deconstructions with ENOUGH Grace, Compassion, to Forgiveness to ALLOW the REMEDIES to Flow Into the PRIVATE and Collective "scene".
This is a SELF-Rescue Mission at the bottom-line.
I AM the Sacred and the Glorious in ALL Form.
I AM That I AM.

It's important to put some Focus Practice in for Allowing COMPASSIONATE and appropriate Integration and stabilization of the New Level of (I AM) Focus Capacity that has/IS BEing Consciously taken on by a Collective of Participating Aspects of Self.

MANY MORE Other-Selves are engaging with more DELIBERATE Manifestational Intentionality; Hence, You are reflecting more CONSISTENT Self-Awareness, and Emotional Control.

The Collective Game is in Material "regroup" mode, and preparing a MASS reality Re-Organizing (2020:4) for laying a New IDEAS and Opportunities to PRACTICE the New Norm, of Peace and Equity, in CHOSEN Participations in Time Play.

There is not much amazement lingering in the Air, as we See many reflections waking Up and hitting the New Time Terra-Firma at a gallop.
GRATITUDE, Yes; but, there is access to much more Innate Self-Creative WORTHINESS taking root withIn each participant waking up.
(11) STRONGLY suggests that you REFRAIN from attempts to judge, ASSERT, force, persuade, trick, mislead, or, otherwise MANIPULATE any Matter other than That of All-Creative HEART Pulse of Joy.

IF it doesn't FEEL like Truth, you MAY choose to In-Vest-igate the Data.
Life In the Ever Expanding IDEA of Universe is a constant Re-Spiration.
(2) indicates RE-Cognizing Partnerships with Balance, and Equanimity.

All That Which is Preferred IS available, ALL WAYS, so-
DON'T PANICK when things CHANGE, or, as You Know, there Will BE more of the same.
April's (6) Collective HUM will include Balancing EMOTIONALLY Triggered responses.
You CAN and 'should" REALLY Focus on observing yOur Own, Private, RE-Sponses to the same old frustrations.
There is still  NO "Time", SO, LEARN to deal with those IDENTITY Be-liefs that Inhibit Self-Creative Potentiality in PRO-ductive Ways of Expression.

This is a cycle to evaluate Participations in the Balancing and harmonizing of Private/Collective focus engagements.  WHAT are you participating IN  and with WHOM are you Co-Creating as a Collaboration MATTERS, more, and MORE each NOW.
IF you are Thinking that You must rescue the World from someThing OUTside of Self, April (6) indicates Recuperative R&R to clear out the Internal tensions that being in the middle of CHANGING yOur MIND about reality might logically Be.

(6) is an INTEGRATIVE Frequency Wave, in that is broadens the In-Flow of Data required for re-Solving Self-Navigational issues, like addictions - .... ALL addictions counts- ESPECIALLY the ones that you THINK noOne else knows about, or wouldn't DO in the company of any Others.
This is a chance to address any IDEAS of SHAME, REJECTION in any relationship you can RE-Member as important to IDEAS that you no longer invest in.

BEing Grace-full with SELF and tending to Internal and External bruises and bumps of regret that persist.
Make "Time" to put certain Things to rest.
Make "TIME" to make "SPACE" for some Perceptually TANGIBLE results in very specific IDENTITY issues.
VISUALIZATION is a very handy Tool for this Expansion process cycle. This Includes: photography, painting, drawing, deisgning; and the power of IMAGERY as an Expression of IDENTITY in Practice.

Keep yOur (Eye) on the watch for bruised Ego's and any tempts toward infantile shadow games of DISTRACTION, when CLEARLY, the old c.r.a.p. just doesn't FLOAT anymore, and the STINK it has left behind needs to be dealt with- INTELLIGENTLY.

No rushing to FORCE things- or, any deliberate Self-Sabotage WILL back-fire.  ..... on second thought- GO AHEAD-- TEST THE THEORY, ...either Way, and no Matter what you FEAR, Expansion will happen and the ODDS ARE STACKED in the Favor of RE-Establishing BALANCE, some HOW....  YOU DON'T have to figure it all out right this red-hot minute!

This whole TIME "thing" is LINEAR, and ordered, by Nature and is an ASSET when you can RELAX long enough to HEAR and SEE the Guidance of HEART for yOur-SELF.

The Collective Time Frequencies indicate (11:2) and (6) Gifts and Expression Opportunities that ILLUMINATE more broad-spectrum Perspectives and dis-solve That Which is not Vibrationally/Structurally sound, (out of Balance), in the New Time Home-Base of Intentionality of Peace in Equity, for All.

Every Thing is on it's Way to some Where else....

This month, there is a Great Flow of Vision of Balance that Harmonizes with That which is BEYOND Time (11:2) to take full advantage of ... and MEDITATION, writing, or Self-Nuturring activities prevail in the building Collective Head-Winds.

THINGS are not what they had seemed before.  Time to STOP kicking and flailing AT the changes.  DECIDE how you FEEL about everything that you actually PARTICIPATE IN ...from diet, to sleep, to sex , to Value exchange options for opportunities rather than SURVIVAL.
With the fear of survival out Now of the Way, harmonious Flow can Now gain momentum.

PREPARE to Wel-Come In for consideration New Time Reality Game IDEA Pitches and Projections toward yOur IDEAL Visions of Participation, and the United Intention of Sustaining a Conscious, Private, STANDING IN Honor and Peace.

RE-Membering All, as One, Be the Final and Authorized Word and Deed in All Co-Creative Participation contracts.  In-dignation is not required, and is a waste of Time and Opportunity to LIVE something different- NOW.

The Collective "scenery" will be rich with the Opinions of Other-Selves.
Maintain healthy Private boundary lines and the rest will take care of itself.

From Now, onward, it will pretty much be obvious that (IT) IS
 yOur Reality Game, by
yOur Reality Rules.
So, RELAX, and FOCUS on That Which IS Of yOur Highest Joy....