Saturday, March 3, 2018

BEYOND The TIME Vibe: A Collective Preparing For IN-tegration Phase of April - September 2018 (11:2)

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OverView of 2nd Phase of Annual (11:2) Collective Frequency Wave-
April Through September, 2018.

Phase 2, of (11:2) Frequency wave indicates a sweeping INtegration of High-Frequency INtentions of SELF-Re-Cognition reflected as a vastly powerful Whole. 

The Frequency opportunities support the Upliftment of Presence in a New Perspective of SELF-Regulating Creator, BEing, with more commitment and a Natural Increase of Self-Creative FOCUS perseverance. 
Humanity simply WILLS a MORE Harmoniously Co-operative Time Game platform of Experience.
HUMANITY, as a Source-Unfused, Multi-Dimensional Creative Being IS AWESOME!
Did you really THINK that we couldn't find yOur Way out of this constrictive, paper-bag Illusion of Self-Denial? 
The blossom and bloom of exposures of Crimes Against Humanity, and in them the evidential dis-claimers of prior false-IDENTITY, as a glop of "causal" parts and particles, in Time, will CONTINUE.

These "breaks" in Trust, create a Flow of New parameters of Human Potential and widening confidence in Self-Creative Response-ability.  

New POSSIBILITY and Focus CHOICES for really taking the "reign"s of Time and Space into yOur "hand", with continuously bring new adaptations of Collective Harmony objectives.  

From March (5) through July (9), Collective Participation in ACTive RE-Solutions steward Harmonious Co-Creative REality Experiences push on.
(11:2) objectives re-A-lign (I AM) Identity markers in a FLURRY of Spiritually Harmonious, (NOT Religious), and HEART driven activities. 
ALL are showing "signs" of Self-Creative boredom with previous, socially monotonous and Privately Inhibitive Participations. 
And the good news in this PHASE is that ALL are EAGER to push the REality "envelopes" open WIDER, and, further.  
F.E.A.R. is a Paper Tiger, and "when" yOur I AM is Standing Up, In Presence, AS Source, the "situation" is, Spiritually, quite tooth-less- in ALL Instances. 

But, the Collective is out to test this for themSelves in a frenzy of discernment SKILLS, feverishly HONED, as Bullshit-O-Meters begin going off all over the "place". 
Next UP, a New Way of SORTING the Incoming Data Begins to formulate.No worries, in a CYCLIC reality experience Game, Mastery is pretty much guaranteed. 

This PHASE can either irradicate ADDICTIONS, or Intensify their constrictive Nature so that you get the hint.  
All depends upon where You "sit" on the Emotional Frequency scale.
Each Participant PLAYS out All Aspects to test-drive a New Perspective of the IDEA of IDENTITY. 
So,.... Thank You, Team CONTRAST! for holding Us to I AM Focus Task MASTERY. 
that Control Magnetic Reality Experiences (IN Time, and BEyond), IN Which I AM WILL-Fully Focused ON by Self-Regulating CONSENTtacit- or, Other-wise. 

Magnetic-Sensorial Reality requires contrast for DATA sorting, and to "figure it out".... 
you Know, like Ya' DO, Humans just HAFTA "DO", ...... "watch" for patterns,
sort, file, classify, and JUDGE.
IT'S OK TO HAVE PREFERENCES; It's also OK to simply allow that which is contrasting to be appreciated for helping to show Preference with more CLARITY.

This Way Allows the parts and particles to re-assemble in more preferable form and function.
(11:2) SELF Awareness INtegration Phase brings quick acting impulses and sudden zigs and zags across any New Horizon. Opportunities to choose the High-Road come quickly and disappear quickly.
It's BEST that those Preferences are not at the EXPENSE of ANY Other's Pain and suffering.
There will be NO EXCUSES for abuse of ANY Nature to continue.
THIS Phase of THIS "year" in a Collective Game Wave is a junction point in the set-up of That Which Will BE Experienced "Next" for each Participant.
From an (11) Frequency Perspective,
HUMANITY is looking to Sing so HIGH that the Perceptual Glass "Ceiling" , shatters.
The (11:2) indicates that a Perception of POLARITY may seem IN-tense, at Times. BE Patient, but, re-Main Focus persistent as the Next folds Into Perfection.

(11) reminds by exaggerated examples that One Now at a Time is ABUNDANTLY more PRO-ductive regarding LIVING in Ease and Flow- BY CHOICE. 
(2) indicates PRO-jections of Experience consistently "tested" for Self-Authenticity during those FLUX-uations of Self-Creative Focus Mastery (11), and back to (2) Reflective Time Expressions with MORE substantial commitment to one "side" of the "fence" on just about everyThing.

This Collective cycle of Elucidating the UnKnown to Known,
In such continuances, the Mental Constructs of the Plays and Interregnums of "Life" as a LARGER, more Self-REsponse-able Presence Identity, intensify with PRIVATE-PERSPECTIVE specific impediments SURFACING for Choosing. 
These IDENTITY ILLUMINATIONS will continue to dis-Solve/RE-Solve, quickly to Be re-placed with That Which 
FEELS more preferable, ACTively, through 2029.
But, vacillating is a Norm in a Time-Frequency WAVE reality pattern. As it is also Norm to move about in "Time" , via NOW.

"Things" can "seem" to be vacillating between BEing all blown out of pro-portion, and then, back to Balance, A-gain, through this active 4-5 month Phase of Self-INported IDENTITY Data and Discovery.
There is one more Collective Expansion Step in this 
9-Year Collective Epicycle of (I AM) EXPANSION. (2017(1) thru 2025(9).
2019 will bring the (3)Freuqncy urgings for Jubilation for CHOOSING and Setting to A-lign-ments of Higher Frequency Experience by Private Participations, into 2020....
-BUT, this Time-
With a BROADER Perspective of SELF-Awareness and (2) Co-Creative RESponse-ability.
TIME to "fix" this Collective "flat-tire".
This annual Frequency wave (11:2) is about to open up a whole new playing "field" of INtentionality IN Practice. 
A distinct wave of (I AM.) practice, In rapid Flow.....
STICK TO THE POINT no matter what is being waggled in yOur face. 

I (I/9: Eternal Love In Knowing); NON-A-tachment to OUT-come." BE The LOVE."
Am = (A/1: I AM)-wareness of Self-Creative CHOICES;

AM = (M/4:PARTICIPATION In the IDEAS of Sensorial Time/Space, At Will) ;
The Collective conversation on "Social issues" of the Threat of an A.I. take over;of Economic take over; the Presence Of SELF-liberty take over ; and the whiney rants on "privacy" from withIn a Collective that is SCREAMING , "TRANSPARENCY, NOW!!"
Be careful what you wish for.
Transparency means TRANSPARENCY for All.  
Professional and Vocational Victims, and/or AnyOne who Blame throws is in for a very bumpy ride during this phase.
In an experience matrix of Material Manifestations there is a Point of realization that All IDEAS contain their own contrast for "structural" BALANCE.
AS a Creator BEing, It would be SOOOOOO boring if it weren't so, wouldn't it? 
For those that are interested in tinkering further with GADGETS and MECHANISMS on various levels of Manifestational Time and Space, try not to overlook the 
Spirit INfused Bio-Electric Body.
Long-Termed cycle of (11) indicates a VAST amount of structural A-lignments and INhancements, in an upgrade for Operational FOCUS Mastery of Self Presence aAS the Creative Focus of each Participants' Time experience.

The Inter-Dimensional movement, such as PLASMA Ships are operated by THOUGHT.
Let that sink In when considering yOur Private use of Innate, Internal, "technology" as Natural Gifts and Talents to Master- for the FUN of (IT), as a Creator BEing, in Time.

Spirit-INfused Bio-Electric Body means that (AI) already IS, and HAS BEEN.
Falsely Identified "author-ity" is attempting to continue to steer the conversation toward victimization, - And, THAT is Team Contrast DOing it's "thing" to hold a "tension" for "structure"....

And, anyway, Self-Aware Multi-Dimensionals have constant access to the Akashic Records where All feedback reality/Experiential DATA is All Ways recorded. 
There is not one single Spiritual Treaties that does not support that bit of "Technical-Mechanical" IN-formation. 

For information and INstruction on HOW to ACCESS those "records", See: NOW.

Those who are ready to EXplore other options of "reality" experience, in other dimensional platforms of thought, are taking BACK Eternal Presence and re-establishing Self-Creative potentiality as a DOMINANT Self-Value by various methodologies.  
The High Frequency Time window Allows the dissolution of "Darkness"/Self-Ignorance by striking it with Lightning with enough Frequency that the "scenery" in the dimness no longer can hold any Power of "Mystery".

ALL structures of F.E.A.R. contain their "opposite", as well.


There is not "OTHER", nor, "Death" in a Vibratory Feedback Reality.  Only Perception.  
Figure that one out, and you're FREE to move INto Focus across multiple realities, consciously.
As this Phase 2 winds down by mid-September, the current Collective Frequency opportunity waves will continue to bring active volcanoes of Data that stimulates a break in constricting beliefs and false values.
Expect more CLARITY of Private IDENTITY, more PARTICIPATORY Focus, and a widening scope of Balance invested in Private/Collective Co-Creative INTENTION supporting "HOW" ALL are INtrinsically INter-connected, and In Perfection, NOW.
HUMANITY: Infinitely Creative, NOW, As Ever.
By the end of April, Make SPACE to try on different Perspectives freely as the Initiatory Phase of 2018 begins to wind Up the POSSIBILITIES and blow them INTO View AND closer to Experience.
A noticeable diversions and attention MANIPULATIONS flow faster in a "graduated sequence" of rapidly occurring Private/Collective events that will reach a crescendo in the Collective between June and October for All to See, and CHOOSE from. 

Oh, don't you worry about a THING.
Everything is working out in Perfection for EveryOne, someHow.  
The Collective Intentional Frequency is RISING by the week, and the Tipping-Point is about to go SPLASH in Private ventures of SELF-Reflective Time Games.

The QUESTION IS: Do You still BE-lie-ve in Gravity, or, other THINGS of Time/Space?

I AM (That), I AM.

I AM AnOther yOurSelf, In Gratitude.