Tuesday, July 31, 2018

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Re-visitng with Inter-Dimensional Interlopers

RE-Examining some images in my Orbs collection...

I took this one some years ago... you figure it out for yourSelf.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


brings the opening of the first of a series of FLOODGATES of DATA that will culminate the Frequency DECLARATIONS that will be chosen by 11-11-2018:11 CRESCENDO of Frequency Waves 
(which will Open on and AROUND that opportunity window of EXPANSION, by 10 days +/-..... ) .

The realization comes to a growing Wave of Participants, that True Self-Creative IDENTITY had previously been obscured from full grasp and clarity regarding Re-Union and Mastery.  

(11) is also (2), but in much more advanced Mastery level.  
(2) represents the IDEA of Partnership, and, the Contrast required to arrange the Matter into a Private experience. 

The IDEA of Partnerships, coupling, mating, begins with COMMUNICATION.  At this point of the approaching Collective Jump (October through December, and with Private Preferences even more clear by- January 2019:3) , ReSolutions and Jubiliees Phase of the Collective CoCreative Game of (IMAGINE This:) comes closer and closer withIN Private integration.  
Through the rest of 2018, there is much ACTIVITY regarding those new preferences aligning up the Ignition points of Achievement (1) of Conscious IDENTITY Mastery (11) for a predominant wave of Participants... 
The current vibratory One's are Consciousness Expansion trigger points. 
Mind, Body, and Heart have more Formal introductions to the more authentic aspects of IDENTITY that have been resisted in some Way. 
1=I AM.    11= I AM That I AM. 

Constriction is constriction, is constriction.  
Paint it any color, topic, or size that you must, but the bottom line of Self-Creative Self-Constriction is the re-membering of MORE of Who You ARE, as a Multi-Dimensional BEing.... in a Self Created IDEA of "existence".  

By October, All will feel the Self-Creative Training Wheels being tweaked, or removed for the immediate access to a whole new level of Innate Skills ... like, the Flow of Natural KNOWING.  

(11) Brings Knowing, yes- and most often it's in the Form of Mental IMAGES, Daydreams, IMAGINATIVE pursuits, and High Self-Accountability within the Collective Heart, as the Seeker. 
(11) brings sudden INSights of new and different opportunities to leap into new Vistas, via the precise discernment of Private DATA connections, which must BE in somewhat Balanced activity for a Free-Will shift that contains active IDEAS of Self-Creative authority.   
Shocks will be felt, and often surface as the most convenient mode of Self-Denial you own.  ...a chronic issue flare up MAY occur but will be brief.  
There is a process window of about 2 9-day cycles.   That's relatively short when consider how strong the attachment to the "issue" HAS been.  The current Frequencies plus (11) will bring resolutions to Light.  Dynamic activity occurs.  

In general collective Time, opportunitites for RE-leases and RE-Solutions begin to Flow more loudly in the Collective through 2019:3.  
Private ticks come into Private and sometimes Public View, depending on Who you THINK you are and who is surrounding you.  

(11) ILLUMINATES things shadowy or occultly oppressive through Mental torture, MOSTLY.   Once the DATA, or Vibrational Preferences have been integrated, the Mirror reality Things are surely "different", operationally. 

Those that have crossed the line regarding Honorable Peace in Equity, for ALL- or, who may have not quite seen anOther Way to relieve their own Self-Denial ails, are noticed in your Private experience....they Will shift, as YOU Will.
AS part of Team CoCreative Ease and Flow, it's  
NOT the job of You to DO any.thing. that is not making your Heart absolutely sing.  
ONLY DO as Heart directs.  

The Productive Phase means putting to your Heart's Desires into Play as much as possible in every Now Participation contract.  Even if that means shuttering down for a few days to integrate the choices and IMAGES that are coming fast and not always without resistance- at first.  
These hesitations will soon dissolve, as the New Perspective commitments become more comfortably natural. 

The Visualization of a Collective IDEA Unity is NOW in the hands and Heart of the Participant, and of WHATEVER Timeline is adopted by the BEing.
 As of the 11-11-11 (2018) Portal of ALL POTENTIALITY and RE-Creation fully CONNECTS all other Frequencies and Harmonics, in (11) Purity and Perfection of  I AM That I AM,  
those that are "ready" for the Next Level of Service, as Actualized I AM,  will See and Participate With Heart. 

The INfancy of the Awakened I AM Source Identity WithIN is opening to the Collective Reality INtention for Balance (2). and NOT necessarily via any FORCED submissions to vibratory sub-servience unless the point of Self Created Reality is resisted by the Participant.  

I AM. 
(I) BE the Love. 
(I) PARTICIPATE With Heart. 
...There's not an iota of "sub" in that IDEA, as FACT, Now, is there? 

Amidst the continuations of surprising events and bolts of InSight that 2018:11 is providing,  the choosing of MIND's DELIGHT and HEART's WILL will be more Collectively active and consciously Participatory, in even more authentic Presence and with MUCH more Private vibrational "weight" behind it.    

SEEMS that the Sensitive Heralds are picking up the Vibra Surf Report and Translating the NEED for rest while the excitement builds in the direction of Dreams that ARE Allowed, if you only Will.  

Much ACTIVITY (AUGUST (8) 2018, will bring much shuffling around of the parts and particles of the Mirror games with MUCH Private creative Authority growing a little more confident and uptempo, and, with a little more Chill factor, Naturally- each DAY.  

THAT'S the feeling to hang on to with enthusiasm as this HIGH Frequency and HIGH YIELD Opportunity is taken to Heart by those who can and WANT to.  

The Rx and Balancing Key for this Phase of high collective activity and very ACTIVE Private Mirror interactions with OtherSelves in a cycle of ILLUMINATION on ALL KINDS of Levels of Perception that will take through 2019 (3) to express, debride, and re-solve.  
If You don't Nurture the You in Body and Mind, then the ride is quite SUCKY. 
AMPLIFY the JOY-FACTOR in All Participations.  
Those that MUST continue to tussle, do so for a reason of their own Design, and besides- lazy Participants can't keep Up with the expansion rate.  So- they get phased out of Private experience.  
FOCUS on That which You PARTICIPATE in and with.  There is a wave of contemplation of the root of this or that IDEA on which you base a repetitive "motion" and experience. 
Lovingly make notes, and INternal commitments to weed that out GENTLY, but expediently, as Now there is noticement of dis-content with Self-Creative responses. 

BE IN GRATITUDE for All that brought You to this moment of Now Realization. 
Time is an equal opportunity classroom- and EACH is the designer and experiencer of the Earth Time lesson plan and syllabus.  Refrain from JUDGEMENT. 
Simply commit to Participating only with That Which Feels Good to Heart. 
The more jOY, the faster the scenery will change.  
AND , that's Universal Law, so- You can "bank" on it.

(11) CLARITY, ILLUMINATION, INSPIRATION, ELUCIDATION, Shocking, Electrical, Electronic, Ether, Air, Mystical, Uncovering Truth, fast communications, TELEPATHY, ClairSentience,  Claire-Cognizance .... and, these options are all in the tool-box for the challenges and Mastery of each Participant in the Time Mirror Games.
THIS, (Now) is the Time to TUNE IN, and Turn ON the Internal "Technology" that is stirring in the synchronicities and cool Creations of Ease and Flow that is witnessed each day. 
Yes,.... all that crazy INNATELY Super-Human schtuff is REAL.  See: Remote Viewing, Psychic and Telepathic research, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Inter-Dimensional Phenomenon, etc etc ETC... 

Regarding the Vibratory opportunity Windows of the Master Number trigger points, consider that they are Universal opportunities, and, are sometimes disguised as low-frequency ethics pop-quizzes for those who have no clue that as Eternal Presence, they are connected to the All.   
Those who have messed with these opportunities with malice will always receive the back-lash of the Intention and Participation in a reflective reality platform, as Balance in Unity is the only Way to BE the a Master Ultra-Dimensional Presence, in full Creative Responsibility.

In a magnetic classroom reality, the Law of Vibratory Attraction never sleeps, and this is how experiential trajectory Timelines are continually Created, and re-Created. 

Congratulations, if it's recently easier to
Make Peace with your OWN flaws and fuck-ups, say you're sorry, and, SIN NO MORE.  

The Collective is quickly reaching the Age of Majority, in steady rippling waves.  
Respect yOur PRESENCE and IN-Joy the RIDE, IF You WILL ! 
All is working out in Perfection for ALL, someHOW.  
Just FOCUS, and TRUST YOUR TIMING, and "where" you stand Now. 

Thank You, ALL, for Your Focus and Participation in the Joyous Ease and Flow Expansion with Me, as Ever-

I AM.