Tuesday, March 27, 2018

BEYOND The Time Vibe: Mid-April (3) INITIATIONS of Active RE-Cognition- An Out-Pouring Of Collective Intentions Cross A Threshold

Mid- April's 2nd Phase of INTEGRATION at the commencement of another Collective Integration Cycle (4/22-9/27 +/-) begins to See another layer of subtleties in the Environmental/Mirror Experience reality.

For those Participants who may BE in readiness to utilize the Innate Creative skills that are Now In act-ivation,
The Frequency Waves and the Gifts and Opportunities within the IDEAS that Float between them, can be more readily addressed and "filed" for the Next "step". The Wave indicates Gradual but steady PRIVATE/Collective Emotional REleases through 2019, that envokes the urge to Forgive and Release the remnants of barbarisms and MOST other "isms" of assertion of Will against Will.

INCLUSION means IN-clusion, and clearly indicates the absence of EX-clusion.
Use a dictionary to meditate on that differentiation of the Standing of Presence in each.

ALL hidden will be revealed in Perfection to each Private Participant, BUT, the much WANTED level of SEFL-Transparency also means FORGIVING and MOVING ON.
Perspectives of "Crusifixtions" for BEing a Human Participant in the Expansion take on new meaning when PRIVACY is also in quesion in the same "framing" of Collective reality. 
With the Gifts of (3) and (11), together, InVisioned preferences are best held at the TOP of the Responces in Co-Creative Practice in the Mirror.
A little EMOTION does go a long Way, Now.  
FEEL and LISTEN, first.
PEACE is the catalyst of All DREAMS.

As 2019:(3) of Unbridled Expressions of Transcendant Observations via SPOKEN WORDS, and,
Verbal acuity and committing to INSpired SELF-Expressions will UpGrade the whole Game appropriately.
Every Thing You SPEAK is LOVE SONG To yOur reality and All that Is BE-Loved By You.

(11) brings a glimpse of That Which Is Beyond Time.
Scientific Perspectives are beginning to take on a MAGICAL tone.

There are Moments in the Collective rhetoric that echos: "We don't give a shit HOW it gets "fixed", ..We just WANT IT Balanced out,- NOW.
AND, WE want it done Honorably, and Peacefully, Thank You very much.

The "day-Time Life" is about to change dramatically In many respects.
Privately, in THOUGHT and Expression, the opportunities to BE Gracious with SELF, and yOur "stories" of Private UpLiftment incite the 'out-comes" to BE, FOR YOU.
Time to stop trying to FORCE the Mirror reality to comply with IDEAS that You really don't want to participate with, but don't Know, yet, how to exit, either.
So, verbal HABITS of bitching, complaining, blaming, shaming, assertion, aggression, WILL be HEARD with a set of different Perceptions to sort the Emotions more effectively in Private participations.
BE Gentle and Graceful with Self as Frequency , (and, Capacity) adjustments progress.

The REPETATIVE and undaunted, Privately spoken, INternal Dialog of the Truths of certain private constructs, may appear to be more Collectively "causal".  
You Know better than that, NOW. 
REPEATING Preferred Experience "stories" will have Great INfluence, as the New Time Language of (I AM Presence taking RE-Sponse-ability) is more proficiently Practiced by the Collective Dancers. 
This is Why mediation and Mantras go together so well regarding propelling InSight and Inspired dierction of action.
Time Experience is NOT a STRaiGHT LINE.
It's more like a Spiral,so get over the PAST, and Create the Futre, IN NOW, with more Self-REflective confidence, which IS IN EXPANSION All the Time. 
Collective TIME PARTICIPANTS have had a tendancy to ALLOW Blurry Creative/Manifestational LOGIC.
April is the beginning of the CLEARING UP fuzzy rationale, or INhibitive INternal DIALOG that holds together stories of "reality" that are less pleasing to Private Creativity and Joy.
There is NOT Other. Be aware of victimization contracts.
Opportunities to dissolve and permanently deconstructy such out-grown IDEAS on Private "issues" of Self-Denial with more approprate Self-Expressive ACTION are upcoming in May- this is the Time to SPEAK, Privately with SELF, and, in Tune with yOur New Perspectives of Expanded Self-Creative Awareness and skills. 
PRE-DOMINANTLY SPEAK OF SELF with HIGH Honor and REgard, in Peace.

Start NOW. There is NOT PERMANENCY. There is NOT "fail"... only PRACTICE.
Sit back in the Peace of Knowing THAT YOU ARE THE VALUE, As Source, the Creator.  
Through the Collective Epicycle (2017-25)...the opportunities to quickly Align with more stabie utilization of Innate Skills and Talents Flow more FLUIDly,........
(think Emotional Self-Control/A Peacefully Flowing stream of Thoughts. 

MORE, in the Shifting Perspectives of the Parts and Particles of corporeal Time experience,
the Collective is about to Mirror yOur "figuring out" of-, and PROVING that WORDS + ATTENTION Creates the Time Experience. 

SELF RESPONSE-ABILITY in Time Presence Practice Games has CHANGED in yOur Perceptions of Collective Play-Time in place of the constructs of Un-necessary "survival" struggle.
ETERNAL BEINGS OF LIGHT probably don't have to worry about "SURVIVAL"....

SO, building Collective PARTICIPATIONS will begin to FOCUS on the Re-covery of Balance in a more Self-As-All Perspective gestates through the Collective Re-Newal in 2026 (1) of the Next Collective Epicycle Wave of Time Experience.

MANY are Bored with IDEAS of Private Constriction MANY Will to MOVE- ON to Create Alternate Vibrational Participation Platforms to PLAY In, ... EACH Will Creates Experience in Privately designed Ways.  
Armed with THAT Knowing- how can you NOT want to Focus on That Which Is Wanted??
It is ALSO Illogical to Think that ALL Other Reflective Time Participants want That Which YOU Prefer.
EACH Perspective is a Unique distortion of Source, and BE-Loved for That particular Perception Expression.
INCLUSION is NOT sub-servience.... the True and Correct use, here of the IDEA of INCLUSION, means Loving the non-Preferred as a IDENTIFYING Tool for that which IS preferred.

TIME Games do not hold the same INterest for ALL Aspects of Source. Many Splinters of Time storylines are revealed, but, First Things, First...
No-Body is going to "DIE."
EveryThing is working out in Perfection for All, someHow. 

(11) indicates that IN-FORM-ATION Flow is Highly stimulated in the Collective, which is ALSO Unfurling into MORE THAN ONE Perspective, and for some, more than one PARADIGM engagement is NOTICED, Privately.
No need to force feed anything to anyone, or try to drag Other Reflections along with you.  
Retreat from en-forcements INtelligently.

In order to Practice FLOW, there must Be a certain level of flexibility, and Willingness to risk something for something better IMAGINED. 

This month, LEARN to let the stoopid stuff go....
Take a break from working so hard to force the menutia of Time and Space.

LAUGH MORE, or embibe in the Flutter of Heart as it leads the Way, Gracefully.
NURTURE the "feels GOOD" that is the REASON to DO anyThing at All.

Slow down, pace yOur-SELF, put ALL previous CONTRACTS Energetic. or otherwise, ON ACTIVE HOLD, until further Notice. 
LANGUAGE is in the middle of the stream CHANGE. WHEN the Language changes, so does the scenery.
As the (6)June Month approaches, expect to ascertain a new Perspective regarding ALL realtions, in Time, and their function. The entire HUMAN Tribe is changing and re-arranging and moving INto the Flow of That which is being actively prepared, PRIVATELY, by each Participant, and for the rest of this decade.
2020:(4), is the cycle "when" we dig in, and get to work re-founding more Balanced Collective Opportunity Participation.

Each Participants Private Game plan, specifically, is found in your Private Frequency Harmonics... calculate them for yourself HERE; or request a Private session HERE.

The WORDS that CONSTRUCT IDEAS MUST be evaluated through April. EXPECT a Vocabulary CHANGE in the direction of SELF-CREATIVE Mastery.  
ALL sub-jective CONTRACTS (2) must be RE-Viewed in Appropriate Graduation of Incoming LIGHT (11) data.  
HUNKER DOWN for the PRIVATE fall-out from the releases of yOur FORMER perspectives of HUMANITY in lack and dire Spiritual constriction.

A CLEAN UP of PRIVATE Participations has to happen before the COLLECTIVE reset can.   
A "storm" yes, ..but , the Kind that moves through with a Great Gentleness, where you KNOW that the trees are Now Free from the "dead-wood" of All That Which brought I AM to Now.

The Mastery Skill of FORGIVENESS opens larger doors of Collective opportunity around 2020-29.  
As of 2018, the Collective is gathering a "list" to Act Upon, in Perfection. Each Multi-Dimensional Standing in Full Authenticity, and Honor In Equity will MAGNETIZE their Own Way.  
LET THEM "HAVE " (IT), and RE-DIRECT Private Focus toward That Which Is Preferred, instead of hosting IDEAS of "homogenized" societal Participations that deliberately distract and marginalize the Power of the Human Focus. As SOURCE, that IDEA is .

(3)is also an ODD Vibrational Frequency indicating SELF/Internal Perspectives Expressed Freely. 
BUT...you DON'T have to broadcast every little Moment, even though there may be an urge to DO so, ...keep PRIVATE Things , private. If you DO broadcast a Thought, it WILL reverberate effectually.

Writing, Singing, Poetry, Speaking, Cooking, And Food Gardening, or Publishing, Broadcasting, are examples of the expressions of Emotional IDENTITY put forth into tangible expressions/manifestations.
Yes. Mass Media as a Collective Mind Influence is very effective.
(3) WANTS to Allow in the Glory of Creation in little Ways that build upon the larger Image of a Vision.
All expressions in (3) are reccommended to be of UP-Liftment, satisfaction in that which was achieved, and GRATITUDE for what has come "before" to provide the Grace of EXPERIENTIAL DATA, for CHOOSING in the Next.

Keep it REAL simple.
LOOK FOR, and then, ALLOW! That Which is PREFERRED to show up.
The Background People will respond and Be Affected by the Vibrational Intention behind the Words that are Presented with obvious FEEDBACK.
So, temper the tendancy to BLABBER ON regarding anything that represents yOur DIS-CONTENT.
SPEAK yOur current Observation/Perspective (cause that's ALL you HAVE, anyway), from yOur communication Channel BE-tween You and HEART.
IF Words are the buidling blocks of the Time Reality, then, CHOOSE yOur building materials and reSources WISELY.
What lies in the Translations of
April brings a Collective pause to Tell the Stories of All Possibility, and attract that which you are going to building yOur Next Collective "house" from withIn which to Co-Create Harmonious Objectives.
hard angles Perceptions are softening in the Mass Frequency (22) Expression, because the Playing Field of a larger Perspective of Collective Possibility is RISING.

A New Game is Welcomed, yes! , ...renewed Innocence and enthusiasm, YES!  BUT, THIS Time, ON very PRIVATE, hands on, TERMS OF Experiential PREFERENCE.
This PAUSE is a Self-Cretive set-Up.
SING THE SONGS of All Expansive Love to Self, not necessarily to an Other, Reflective distortions of You. The "opinions of others" are meaning less and less, Naturally.

SHAME and deGradation doesn't set very Well anymore, so just Allow the Expressor of such MENTAL constrictions to continue to DISSOLVE from PRIVATE experience of the Collective View, in Perfection.
Private Creative fascinations are lofty with (11) around.
And, Intentional probability is amplified. What feels Good, Now- seems to Feel BETTER, and what didn't Feel so Good, really grabs yOur attention.

There are more appropriate opportunities coming INto Play in May's (4) opportunity wave, which indicates clear and Inspired urges to get yOur "hands" into the Co-Creative "pro-jects" of new Design and focused fascination. 
(4), in general, is A Time, Collectively, and PRIVATELY, to clean out and RESET yOur SELF-RECreative Design "DESK". (4) brings the necessary RESources for THAT STEP, and not MORE. Look to the materials at hand to provide more than you expected because pushing boundary lines, in design, births New Realities of Possibility.  Necessity IS the Mother of INvention.
INTERNATL TECH is Also to be relied upon more Naturally.
More, comes a little later, THIS step is about clean up and refounding, or estabishing a footing IN New IDEAS and more preferred Constructs of experience to manipulate.
ONLY Act as InSpired, as Ever, ... and, All Ways WITH Heart.
Get HAPPY about BEing in Time and finding out that YOU are at the Head of the Time/Art Projection of Experience. 

From a Standing of Self-Creative Expression Imbodied, it Seems fair to comment that Humanity, comically enough, are merely one LONG piece of Ensemble PERFORMANCE ART .

Mid-April's PUSHes Participants toward a better grasp on SELF-EXPRESSION in a Standing of Honor and Equity.
ALL Verbal SELF-EXPRESSIONS will have a response from the Mirror reality- especially if it's shared "out " there. 
Everyone will suddenly seem a bit SILLY engaging in inane reptitions of Things You KNow that You KNOW. 
BE of Joy, and learn to LAUGH as this Game Phase ESTABLISHes new levels of Cosmic Partnerships.

STICK TO THE POINT for more Ease of CREATIVE FLOW along WITH those external Reflections of Self-Love and respect that support Heart Directives. 
ANY- Any- Twisting, Manipulating, FORCING, ASSAULT, ASSERTION, or COERSIONS will be dealt with by the Collective more effectively when the (11) annual Frequency opportunity window Peaks in July.

Humanity is about to learn a Whole NEW VIBRATIONAL TRICK.... and Will begin to use it to RE-New Self-Creative power, AND to line up Experiences with more ease and consideration of the far reaching effects of All Participations.  
The State of AHIMSA must Be found by an even larger Collective Wave, and sustained before Humanity will slide to the next level of Peace in Equity, for All.
Collective Knowing Will move to re-examine and further explore IDEAS of Self-Creative LIMIT-LESS-ness.

THER ARE Infinite Timelines, and DIMENSIONAL Perspectives.
Collective INCLUSION and Transparency means coming to terms with LARGER and FARTHER REACHING, and Infinitely more Interesting IDEALS to ponder, other than divide and conquer games.
There is NOT lack.
YOU are the VALUE.

LOVE yOur pro-cess and pro-gress, and HONOR yOur FREE-WILL and Participation by CHOOSING with Heart FOCUS.
THERE IS NOT "right", nor, "wrong" in this classroom; there is only PERSPECTIVE.

If you are looking around and are worried about "those that are not getting it" ... THEY ARE aspects of yOur lingering attachments and FEARS. Compassion will go further than you think i might. TRY IT.

THINK about that Privately, as Mid-April brings on more opportunity to piece together the bits and pieces of Possibility close enough to be called PROBABILITY. Check in with Heart for fine tuning, and Inspiration, as Ever.

UNTIL the Next-
BE the Love.



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