Sunday, February 8, 2015

The DAILY PULSE: TIME VIBE 2015 - 2/8/2015

2/8/2015 = 18
9 Global day

(1) Global Month

(8) Global Year

The activity highlighted in the frequencies today are focused on dynamic action, conversation, from deep personal releases of THE BELIEFS, and the things that held by them which DO NOT work or support your Joy anymore, and are not in alignment with EXPANSION.  Constrictive situations are loosening and are ready to be moved aside from the Collective focus. 

RELEASE ,RELEASE - LET GO of the struggles that are on the top of the pile of dis-content and dis-satisfaction that are slated for a shift.  An opening in the ethers is approaching- slowly [inTime], but todays releases are powerful and effective in reestablishing a footing in the perspective of larger personal Presence and the determination to BE Who You really ARE.  (1 Global Month) .
Let the chips fall where they may.  In Being Truth and Love- All will work out Perfectly for Everyone - somehow.  Not telling what the details are at this stage...but there IS  glimpse of the personal and the Collective Vision of a unified intention based in Love NOW.  IF YTou do your personal "homework" on this today, you will stand in a New Time vibration of I AM in tomorrows global (1) Global Day, in a (1) Global Month, in an (8) Global Year.....BAM! 

A great Love sensation can be experienced- but it's the Loving of the whole Self that greases the wheel of the shifting that you are wanting to experience.  As the Love of Self is accepted and taken to Heart NOW, the Mirror will move a step into a more preferred reflection.  Be Truthful with your deep and constrictive Beliefs...accept when an inner "rule " doesn't really work- and causes more conflict than relief for You- and this WILL reverberate for you and change your view and position - AND personal experience.  

This (9) frequency of releasing WITH Love is more ACTIVE with all of the (8) frequency cycle of DYNAMIC ACTIONS, AND DECISIONS TO RE-ARRANGE  AND ADMINISTRATE the personal ((8 daily cycle) and the Collective (8 global cycle) perspective and experience.  THY WILL BE DONE today, and throughout the year, but today is definitely a day to dump what is not harmonious to your Heart and your personal Expansion IN Joy.

Today especially, BE BRAVE in your own Now's and BE your Loving Truth in Knowing, and the reward of vibrational re-calibration and re-alignment will surprise your and bring you to a personal solidarity within Your I AM presence.  

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