Thursday, February 5, 2015

The DAILY PULSE: Time Vibe 2015 - 2/5/2015

2/5/2015= 15 = 6

Follow the doubling 1's, 2's, & 5's.... that lead to LOVE (6).  

(see all of the basic # meanings here)

Today's unexpected meeting and conversations will assist Expansion by way of LOVE, BALANCE, AND SELF RESPONSIBILITY.  

Participation in the Collective today has a background buzz and a bit of excitement as the intention is to harmonize and smooth projects beyond individual "differences".   Where that is Allowed with Love, and a vision of Inclusiveness there will be headway.  With (6), drawing healthy boundary lines with Love is the action- as is negotiation, mediation, nurturance, and taking personal responsibility for contributions and participation.  
Think you can handle that today?  

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Self awareness, acceptance and confidence is building with this month's (1) Global cycle, and the (8) Global annual objective assists with the Inspired action to move forward with this, although these are preliminary steps to the success of the collective step this year.  Communications will be more Visual, as in relaying process, feelings, values, and desires through Imagery.  Peaceful Negotiations are ACTIVE in this cycle and there is more compassion building up in the relationships and situations where the participants are wanting different things.  This a day to decide to let Others just BE, and see how that plays out.  Those issues that can't be resolved because of fundamental differences will be released - usually- in a (9) cycle.  

Regarding the Collective events today- you may be able to see the effects of this (6) opportunity window play out as sudden realization of constrictive and NON-Loving aspects being spoken about, and attempts to "educate" on the options that work toward a "win-win" resolution.   
WHO YOU ARE matters careful of identifying labels and hard angled "rules"....Your best contributory position is to stick to your Truth in your personal I AM Knowing, without the need to control or condemn, and a surprise will come your way.  

                                                     :)  ...see ya' tomorrow!

JOYFUL NOTICE :  I'll be broadcasting LIVE on 2 shows - Thursday (2/5/2015) evening for you to call in and share, or to gather more data on how this wonderfully SIMPLE language of Time can work FOR You in your personal Time journey!  
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